Our Team

Parallel Pipes is found with a belief that everyone should have access to fast, affordable product simulation and optimization, so that even non-experts can turn their product ideas into reality. We believe that the time is right for AI to make a difference in the way we think of product development, not as a buzzword, but a tangible way to investigate and optimize product designs to be safer, better and more reliable.

  • Stephen Karasek

    Founder / CEO

    Stephen got his MS and BS in electrical engineering from Northeastern University, and completed his thesis work on computational quantum electrodynamics. Prior to founding Parallel Pipes, he worked at MathWorks as a software developer, developed medical devices at Thoratec as an electrical engineer, and designed physics simulations at Draper Labs for many different commercial and government projects. These ranged from UAVs (underwater autonomous vehicles), underwater sound propagation, novel compression methods for wireless communication, optical gyroscopes, electronics for hard-rad environments, and a model of the gravitational forces on the Earth and orbiting satellites from stellar objects in our solar system. His experiences in industry made him realize the need to apply AI purposely to engineering and science.

  • Scott Frasso

    Principal Cloud Engineer

    Scott is a seasoned software and cloud engineer, with wide ranging experience in both development and management. He is responsible for building Parallel Pipes’ cloud infrastructure, allowing Parallel Pipes to scale as well as integrating the AI into the platform. Scott has held several engineering management roles in successful companies over the past fifteen years, including MathWorks, SnapApp and CloudLock (purchased by Cisco). He graduated Northeastern University with a BS in computer engineering.

  • Cai Gao

    Software Engineer / Product Manager

    Cai is an experienced full stack software engineer with both hands-on development and engineering management experience. She is responsible for architecting and building Parallel Pipes’ web application, as well as functioning as the product owner. She graduated from Northeastern University with a degree in Finance.